Special oil-dispensing vehicle designed for servicing lightand heavy-duty mining and building machinery on-the-site.
The vehicle is equipped with all necessary equipment and is ready to perform replacement of engine, hydraulic and transmission oil, coolant and grease lubricant for vehicle central lubrication system, evacuation and storing of discharged hydraulic fluid, filtering of hydraulic oil.
The station has hand tool kit, professional high pressure cleaner with water tank, torque-control tools etc.
Truck-mounted oil
dispensing module
Technical Data
Bulk oil dispensing bay features
The oil-dispensing module can be moved directly to the worksite.
Hydraulic fluid distribution can be performed either from barrels of or from pre-filled reservoirs, according to the
The oil-dispensing unit can be equipped with hydraulic liquid consumption and reservoir monitoring system.
Efficient, reliable and safe pumping equipment with pneumatic drive.
Intended for operating in ambient temperatures from -30 to +50 C.
Can be equipped with Wiggins quick-release connectors for process liquids filling and evacuation if required by
fleet specification.
Distributing equipment
Mobile oil dispensing module is equipped with reliable and efficient pneumatic pumps used for distributing engine, hydraulic and transmission oil, cooling fluid, grease lubricants in centralized lubrication systems, evacuation and storing of discharged liquids. Dispensing reservoirs vary depending on the station type: 204-liter barrels, welded metal or plastic tanks of specific capacity (reservoirs are not part of a standard set and are stipulated separately). Hose reels with 15-23 meter hoses with electronic meters are installed in fire-proof hatches on the side or back wall of the module depending on version.
Module features
Oil-dispensing module utilizes frame design. The walls are executed as sandwich panels: outer layer is painted steel/FPR, heat insulation is 50mm extruded polystyrene, interior paneling is realized with galvanized steel or panels. Floor is made of 7 mm water-proof plywood with 50 mm extruded polystyrene acting as heat insulator, 15-18 mm water-proof
plywood, galvanized steel/ribbed aluminum/antiskid linoleum.
The sides of the module accommodate hatches and doors to provide access to air compressor, hose reels, pumps and additional equipment.
Number and design of hatches and doors depends on model and version of the module.
Module subframe is designed according to the chassis specification.
Subframes are manufactured from machined and chemically treated 5mm A516-60 structural steel which allows to eliminate corrosion during entire service life of the module.
Module is heated by Webasto autonomous heater or by similar unit.
Main lighting consists of stationary lights placed in dust- and moisture-proof caps with side switch. Two projectors are installed on the module's roof (supplied by vehicle network, switches are located by the entrance).
Default color is white. By request the module can be painted according to the Client's corporate style completed with logos and names.
Drop-side platform and lifting equipment
Cargo bay is designed in the form of open bed 1300x2500 mm with two drop-side sections. Right drop side utilizes a folding ladder for easy access to the cargo bay. Rear drop-side is equipped with 3 cradles for refilling standard 204-liter barrels. In order to avoid load shift during transportation, special fixating loops are provided. Rear overhang
accommodates Fussi (or analogue) crane-manipulator unit for lifting operations.
Oil-dispensing module is completed with various acoustic and light alarms for maintaining maximum security during service operations and
  • "Door open" indicator lamp is located on the front panel and warns
  • about open door or hatch.
  • "Emergency stop" button.
  • Button for emergency stop of all systems.
  • 2 orange flashing beacons on the vehicle.
  • Vehicle reverse sound alarm.
In order to meet safety regulations, the module is equipped with several fire-suppressing systems:
  • Manual – powder fire extinguisher (4 in main room and 2 in a utility room).
  • Automatic – Buran-8HT fire-suppression unit. Extinguishing area – 32 sq. meters, extinguishing capacity – 64 cubic meters.
  • Autonomous fire detector reacts to heat development of the fire and actuates firesuppressing module upon reaching a designated temperature (fire temperature).
Support equipment
Upon the Client's request, the station can be completed with all necessary tools and equipment:
  • diesel generator for electricity producing
  • filtrating trolley for cleaning hydraulic fluid from mechanical impurities and water
  • high-pressure washer for primary cleaning of the serviced vehicle
  • tool kit
  • torque-control tools.
Oil dispensing module can supply external power and air consumers via 220/380V power outlets and air compressor valve.