Portable oil-dispensing module is professional equipment for servicing light- and heavy-duty mining and building machinery.
Oil-dispensing module can be delivered to service area with any suitable vehicle.

oil-dispensing module
Technical Data
Equipment versions
Features and benefits
Bulk oil dispensing bay features
The module utilizes reservoirs with capacity of up to 800 liters for storing engine, transmission and hydraulic oil or
cooling liquid.
1000 liters discharged liquid tank.
High-performance piston pump with pneumatic drive.
Hose-reels with 23-meter hoses.
Control valves with digital or mechanical meter.
Pumping station for discharge of axle-grease from the tank with volume of up to 60 l
Air compressor can be supplied with the station
Equipment versions
LT version
LT version does not have a compressor, requires air supply with a minimum of 0.6 m³/min output for driving the pumping equipment.
WT version
WT version utilizes air compressor with electric drive, which supplies pumping unit for hydraulic liquid dispensing.