Mobile oil dispensing station allows servicing of lightand heavy-duty mining and building vehicles in opencast mine or in the absence of specialized repair facility.
The station is equipped with all necessary equipment and is ready to perform replacement of engine, hydraulic and transmission oil, coolant and grease lubricant for vehicle central lubrication system, evacuation and storing of discharged hydraulic fluid, filtering of hydraulic oil. The station has hand tool kit, professional high pressure cleaner with water tank, torque-control tools etc.
Bulk oil dispensing bay
Technical Data
Bulk oil dispensing bay features
The station can be placed directly on-the-site.
Mobility. In case of fleet redeployment the station can be easily moved to a new location.
Hydraulic fluid distribution can be performed either from barrels of or from pre-filled reservoirs, according to the
Efficient, reliable and safe pumping equipment with pneumatic drive.
High-performance, reliable and safe pumping equipment with pneumatic drive.
Intended for operating in ambient temperatures from -30 to +50 C.
Distributing equipment
Mobile oil dispensing station is equipped with reliable and efficient pneumatic pumps used for distributing engine, hydraulic and transmission oil, cooling fluid, grease lubricants in centralized lubrication systems, evacuation and storing of discharged liquids.
Dispensing reservoirs vary depending on the station type: 204-liter barrels, welded metal or plastic tanks of specific capacity (reservoirs are not part of a standard set and are stipulated separately).
XD/SD hose reels with 15-23 meter hoses with electronic meters are installed in fire-proof hatches on the station's face.
Primary evacuation of discharged fluid is performed by high-performance diaphragm pump through hose-reels to a separate tank located either inside or outside the station. Distributing equipment is selected according to the Project requirements.
If the station is used with plastic or metal tanks from 1000l, the hatches are equipped with quick-release connectors for attaching oiltruck filling hose, or with telescopic tubes and barrel adapters if the tanks are refilled from standard 204-liter barrels. Reservoirs are refilled via a separate pneumatic diaphragm pump.
Station features
Mobile oil dispensing station is a steel frame, based on a 20 or 40-feet High Cube container. The station is intended to be used in temperatures ranging from -30 to +40 C. Station's head insulation is executed with mineral wool plates. Lining is executed with 6 or 9 mm waterproof laminated plywood boards. Finishing flooring is done with 12-18 mm waterproof laminated boards with anti-slip coating. Station based on 40-feet container accommodates a utility room, which can serve as storage, service or amenity room. The station utilizes fireproof door and an opening window with double-glass pane. If the
station is intended to work with standard 204-liter barrels it is additionally equipped with a lifting tool for loading/unloading the barrels. Lifting tool is represented by I-bar/manual telpher unit with 500 kg lifting capacity.
Main lighting consists of stationary lights placed in dust- and moisture-proof caps with side switch. Three LED searchlights are installed on the station's roof in order to illuminate the working area in the dark.
Room heating is executed via ceiling-mounted infrared heaters.
Regularly used doorways utilize hot air curtains.
The container is painted in blue on default. By request the container can be painted according to the Client's corporate style completed with logos and names.
For the maximum safety station is equipped with several fire suppression systems:
- Manual – powder fire extinguisher (4 in main room and 2 in utility room).
- Automatic – Buran-8HT fire-suppression unit. Extinguishing area – 32 sq. meters, extinguishing capacity – 64 cubic meters.
Autonomous fire detector reacts to heat development of the fire and actuates fire-suppressing module upon reaching a designated temperature (fire temperature).
Support equipment
Upon the Client's request, the station can be completed with metal
furniture (workbenches, cabinets and shelves), tools and equipment:
air compressor, diesel generator for electricity producing, heavy-duty
forced ventilation, filtrating trolley for cleaning hydraulic fluid from
mechanical impurities and water, high-pressure washer for vehicle
cleaning prior to servicing, tool kit, torque-control tools.