MatrixTM fluid management system provides tracking and monitoring of fuel dispensing thus saving time and optimizing your work process.
Ideal for repair facilities and service centers in mining and building industries, workshops, repair bays.
Matrix automated fluid management system
Tracking of fuels, oils and antifreeze dispensing is now in Your hands!
Configuration options
Matrix system is supplied with three software platforms: Premier, Professional, Basic.

Wireless transceiver
Wireless transmission and reception of information from meters and tank level monitors for efficient work of pumps and air supply system.

Pump air control unit for maximum safety
Pump air control unit supplies air into the pump only after receiving the appropriate command from the Matrix system.

5 reasons to choose Matrix management system
Matrix meter efficiency
Matrix metered valves perform liquid dispensing and simultaneously transfer data to a PC via a wi-fi connection.

Saving time with the help of tank level monitor
Tank level monitor controls liquid level with ultrasound signal. This information is sent to lubricant suppliers and utilizing company.

Automation of lubricant distribution
Reduces service time and increase your workshop efficiency.
Eliminates errors caused by human factor, clear you storage facilities.
Automatically posts fluid dispenses to order form.
Matrix system automatically informs lubricant suppliers and recyclers via e-mail regarding reservoir status, allowing to eliminate downtime due to out-of-stock and overfill issues.
Specially designed interface allows using Matrix system together with Customer software.