Bulk oil dispensing bay is located in repair facility within the service area for light- and heavy-duty construction and mining vehicles. Pumping equipment can be situated either in repair facility or in fuels and lubricants storage and is connected to the main dispenser by a pipeline.
Bulk oil dispensing bay is completed with all necessary equipment for dispensing, transfer and transporting of oil and hydraulic fluid. Number of distributing and auxiliary stations is determined by a project which is designed according to the Client's requirements.
Bulk oil dispensing bay allows to distribute engine and
transmission oil, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and grease lubricants either from large-sized containers or from standard 204-litre barrels.
Bulk oil dispensing bay
Technical Data
Bulk oil dispensing bay features
Equipment can be located directly in fuel and lubricants storage, service facility and oil-truck loading station
Stationary arrangement considerably increases service life of oil-distributing equipment.
Oil dispensing bay can be equipped with automatic wireless system to control lubricant consumption and tank status.
Storing and distributing hydraulic fluid either from barrels or from metal or plastic reservoirs with 500 - 10000 liters capacity.
High-performance, reliable and safe pumping equipment with pneumatic drive.
Distributing equipment
Bulk oil dispensing bay is equipped with reliable and efficient GRACO pneumatic pumps used for distributing engine, hydraulic and transmission oil, cooling fluid, grease lubricants in centralized lubrication systems, evacuation and storing of discharged liquids. Dispensing reservoirs vary
depending on the bay type: 204-liter barrels, welded metal or plastic tanks of specific capacity (reservoirs are not part of a standard set and are stipulated separately). Oil dispensing bay also utilizes heavy-duty XD/SD hose reels intended for severe operating and environmental conditions and metered or non-metered control valves.
Primary evacuation of discharged fluid is performed by high-performance diaphragm pump through hose-reels into a separate tank. Distributing equipment is selected according to the tasks indicated in the Project.
Oil bay features
Main dispenser and oil receiver are located directly in the service area in repair facility. Main dispenser face accommodates hose-reels with metered control valves. The interior of the main dispenser accommodates pumping equipment with oil and air filtration system. If the distribution is carried out directly from the fuel and lubricants storage, pumping and air-preparation equipment and installed on an additional dispenser which is connected to the main dispenser via rigid and flexible conduit. Discharged liquid reclaim is performed via tubing into special reservoir, located outside service area.
Hydraulic cylinder repair stand allows to perform a prompt repair of faulty cylinders (O-rings replacement, rod and tube replacement etc.). This helps to significantly reduce repair time, eliminates the necessity to transport faulty cylinders to third-party repair facilities, reduces downtime and repair costs.