R-TH tire service complex is designed for transportation and prompt changing of OTR tires used in mining vehicles operating in open space at a distance from maintenance facilities. R-TH service complex will considerably reduce downtime and expenditures associated with tire changing procedures.
Operated by a single driver-operator, R-TH tire service complex ensures emergency OTR tire refitting within a range of 300 km.
R-TH tire service complex
Tire change is performed within 60 minutes. Tire service complex utilizes air compressor with air preparation system and pressure adjustment system for safe inflation/deflation of the tire. Basic model can be fitted with supplementary devices and equipment, allowing more efficient and versatile application of R-TH complex in remote locations with lack of repair shops and service bays.

R-TH series include three models to choose from, according to Your specific requirements and operating conditions.
R-TH1500 is typically used for servicing of agricultural vehicles, commercial trucks and light-duty mine vehicles.
R-TH3500 and R-TH5500 are suitable for servicing mine dumptrucks with 136 and 240 tons capacity respectively.
R-TH complex is an optimum option for servicing companies and mining corporations' maintenance departments.
Technical Data
Wireless remote controller of the manipulator enables the operator to fully control the positioning of OTR wheel and to perform accurate maneuvering when mounting and demounting the wheel.
Crane-manipulator unit can be installed on the chassis of any truck with appropriate parameters. For R-TH1500 and R-TH3500 6x6 chassis is recommended due to its increased off-road ability. R-TH5500 requires 8x4 chassis or 6x6 with extended base.
Crane-manipulator installation is mounted on truck's rear overhang allowing the space for OTR wheel and improving weight distribution on the frame.
In line with Client's request, R-TH complex can be equipped with pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical tools allowing the complex to perform a full range of service operations.