KG-series tire handler is an attached equipment fitted on a wheel loader and designed for safe and effective mounting, demounting and transporting of large-sized industrial wheels in sizes from 18.00-25 to 59/80-63.
KG-series tire handler
Technical Data
Main operations
Chassis options
Secure grip and accurate hydraulic control ensure maximum safety when using the handler in a workshop or open mining areas.
Operator is able to move the tire/wheel up and down, tilt, turn leftright and rotate. The system of mechanic and hydraulic arrestors protect the operator and the loader from wheel escape.
KG-series handler can be attached to virtually any loader with appropriate parameters. The fitting is executed via adapter plate on OEM quick couplers for fork carriages or buckets without modifying the loader's lift arm. The handler's hydraulic system is
coupled to the loader's hydraulic circuit via high-pressure hoses with quick-release connectors.
The handler can be removed from the handler to allow other operations to be performed. The handler is controlled from the loader cabin.
Tire handler's design combines outstanding capability, reliability, versatility and safety. KG-series tire handler is able to sustain the most severe operating conditions and still show excellent efficiency.
Comprehensive range
KG-series have a wide range of models with loading capacity from 1500 to 9000 kg and pad opening from 670 to 4200 mm. Tire handler can modified according to client's specification.
KG-series tire handler can perform following operations: wheel grab (1), wheel tilt (2), lift, sideshift (4), forward/backward tilt of the jib, handler body rotation (3). Tire handler controls are located in operator's cabin.
High quality
In the manufacture of the handlers only highquality components and materials are used: special steel from leading European steel makers such as SSAB (Sweden) and Ruukki (Finland); hydraulic actuators Hydrafort (Gidrosnab); hydraulic circuit components
(high-pressure hoses, connectors, distribution valve) made by Eaton (USA).
Forklift-based tire handler
Forklift-based tire handler is convenient to be operated in repair shop or bay, on repair shop adjacent territory with smooth surface. Thanks to the forklift’s small size, the handler possesses increased maneuverability. A forklift-based tire handler is not able to break tire bead.
Frontlift-based tire handler
Frontlift-based tire handler is convenient to be operated in an opencast mine, on repair shop adjacent territory with rough surface (soil, stones, rock). Thanks to frontlift’s increased power, the tire handler gains increased off-road capacity. Frontlift-based tire handler is able to break tire bead.
Tire handler based on telescopic loader
Adequate off-road capacity and small size make it possible to operate tire-handler both in an opencast mine and in service facility. Telescopic loader/tire handler combination is unable to break tire bead. Visibility is limited during wheel positioning.
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