ShM-series mobile tire-changing stand is professional tire-fitting equipment capable of servicing all types of OTR tires in sizes from 18.00-25 to 50/90-57 inches. Thanks to the stand's extreme versatility it is suitable for servicing both three- and five-part rims of the world's leading manufacturers of mine dump-trucks and loaders such as BelAZ, Caterpillar, Komatsu (HaulPak), Hitachi (Euclid), Liebherr, Terex, Volvo, Bell, John Deere and others.
ShM-series mobile tire-fitting stand
Technical Data
The stand is capable of servicing the entire range of OTR tires from world's leading manufacturers such as Belshina, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone in sizes from 18.00-25 to 50/90-57 inches. Tire size reconfiguration takes several minutes and is carried out by hand.
Modest weight and size of the stand allow it to be easily moved around the service bay. For effective operation ShM-series stand requires only solid ground surface (the stand is secured in place with 4 anchor bolts through pre-drilled bores in its foot), hoisting device and electric power supply.
Powerful hydraulic actuator ensures fail-safe demounting of OTR tires. Bead breaker pressure of 70-150 tons, depending on the model, allows to securely demount tires, having been used under the most severe weather conditions (from -25 to +40 C) with stuck and rusted on rims. For instance, changing of 33.00-51 tire takes one operator from 30 to 60 minutes on average.
Delicate handling of rims and tires
Thanks to the stand's design features, mounting and demounting operations are performed with great care towards tires, rims, locking rings, upper and lower rim collars thus extending their service life, which in turn leads to both technical and economical benefits.
The stand design combines superb performance, durability, exceptional functionality and safety. ShM stand does not require regular complex servicing.
Automatic grab
Upper automatic grab is an essential part of ShM70, ShM100 and ShM150 tire-fitting stands and serves for holding, transporting and securing of the wheel for further mounting/demounting.
Base plate (optional)
ShM-series stand can be additionally equipped with a base plate which helps to distribute evenly landed force when operating on unprepared or unstable ground.
Tool kit with increased bearing surface (optional)
When non-OEM rims and rings (e.g rims and rings made in PRC) with somewhat downgraded performance characteristics (metal quality, wall thickness etc.) are used, tire-fitting stand can be equipped with special tool kit (for bead braking) with increased bearing surface.
Platform for tire-fitting operations (optional)
A stair platform placed alongside the stand which enables an operator to climb upon the wheel for mounting/demounting operations.
Full package
The tire-fitting stand is delivered with all necessary equipment and tools and is ready to perform OTR tire mounting/demounting straight away.