NMZ-series stationary tire-fitting stand is the safest and the fastest way to mount/demount a large-sized OTR tire. This tire-fitting complex allows to effectively service tires sized from 18.00-25 to 59/80-63 inches.
Thanks to the stand's extreme versatility it is suitable for servicing both three- and five-part rims of world's leading manufacturers of mine dumptrucks and loaders such as BelAZ, Caterpillar, Komatsu (HaulPak), Hitachi (Euclid), Liebherr, Terex, Volvo, Bell, John Deere and others.
NMZ-series stationary tire-fitting stand
Technical Data
The stand's design ensures unprecedented level of operator's safety. Automated wheel loading (rail loading) and mounting/demounting procedures eliminate possibility of industrial injury and releases an operator from heavy physical work. The stand is controlled remotely via operation panel.
Security system
NMZ-series stand utilizes a security system with infrared safety sensor located on control panel. During stand's operation, the sensors capture the reflection on the opposite side of the stand. Exceeding of pressure in hydraulic system or ingress of foreign object in sensor's action field will automatically stop the stand in order to prevent damage to the rim or to the stand. In case of emergency stop one must lift the movable cross-rail into its home position, eliminate the cause of emergency stop and continue operation.
Work area lighting
To ensure safe and comfortable work in darkness hours or when main lighting is absent, the stand is equipped with additional lighting system of the working zone.
Powerful hydraulic actuators ensure secure process of mounting/ demounting of OTR tires. Bead breaker pressure guarantees secure demounting of tires, operating under the most severe weather
conditions (from -25 to +40 C) with stuck and rusted-on rims. Duplex pumping system allows to increase hydraulic system performance at «idle» and thereby allows to shorten tire-fitting procedure.
The stand is capable of servicing the entire range of OTR tires from world's leading manufacturers such as Belshina, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone in sizes from 18.00-25 to 59/80-63 inches. Tire size reconfiguration is performed remotely via control panel.
Primary inflation of the tire
The stand utilizes side safety rails and moving cross-rail, that firmly secures an OTR wheel to the stand's base. The rails and a crossrail form a safety cage which allows performing a primary inflation up to 1.5 atmospheres in the tire-fitting area. Tire-fitting stands of other designs are not able to provide such high level of safety when performing these operations with an OTR tire. Thus, NMZ stand does not require a safety cage for primary inflation of OTR tire.
Delicate handling of rims and tires
Thanks to the stand's design features, mounting and demounting operations are performed with great care towards tires, rims, locking rings, upper and lower rim collars thus extending their service life and therefore leading to both technical and economical benefits.
The stand design combines superb performance, reliability, exceptional functionality, safety and does not require complex serial servicing.
Remote control
NMZ-series tire-fitting stand can be operated either manually or via a radio remote controller. This allows the operator to observe stand's work from any convenient point. Thanks to that, operator is able to move freely around the stand and monitor the process of tire mounting/demounting.
Full package
The tire-fitting stand is delivered with all necessary equipment and tools and is ready to perform OTR tire mounting/demounting straight away.
Adapters for 25-35 inch rims (optional)
NMZ tire-fitting stand can be equipped with a set of specialized tools which allow to service 25-35 inch rims.
Jib-crane for rim moving and lifting (optional)
The stand can additionally be equipped with a jib crane which allows to move wheel assembly and its parts (rim, tire, locking ring and rim strip) onto the stand. Crane's carrying capacity is 2-9 tons with manually or electrically driven load lifter.