CM-series truck tire changer is professional tire-fitting equipment used for mounting/demounting of truck, agricultural, road-building and industrial tires with rim sizes ranging from 14 to 54 inches.
CM-series tire changer is suitable for mining companies which use trucks manufactured by KamAZ, MAZ, Volvo, Scania, Mecedes-Benz along with articulated or rigid dump-trucks made by BelAZ, Caterpillar, Comatsu, Bell, Volvo, Doosan, John Deere, Terex, Liebherr and others with 30-55 tons carrying capacity.
Truck tire changers are equipped with a remote controller (SV 2450 is radio controlled) which allows to perform tire-changing operations rapidly and effectively.
truck tire changer
Technical Data
The stand utilizes a 2-way, 2-speed self-centered chuck with 4 clamping jaws which allow to service truck rims of up to 56 inches. Clamping jaws have tooth sectors which permit gripping of all types of rims.
Delicate handling of rims and tires
Hydraulic distributor incorporates a valve that controls operating pressure of the self-centered chuck and permits to safely service the most «delicate» rims.
Fast work mode change
Operating lever utilizes a system allowing to promptly switch between operations (mounting/demounting).
Effective maintenance of the most rigid tires
Moving operating tool facilitates manipulations with the most rigid tires. Stand can be controlled remotely.
Wide range of serviced wheels
The stand allows to work with large-sized wheels in sizes 18.00-25; 23.5-25 without any additional attachments. In order to service largesized wheels in sizes 21.00-35; 24.00-35; 26.5-25; 29.5-25; 35/65-33 the stand must be additionally equipped with a GR-series manual hydraulic bead breaker for initial tire/rim separation.