TMDG handler is meant for mechanical aid in mounting and demounting and relocating of large-sized components of mining vehicles such as power-wheel reducers and their elements, wheel hubs, actuators, suspensions etc. The
handler is able to service mine dump-trucks with 30-450 tons loading capacity and large-sized front-end loaders.
MDG self-propelled handler can be operated in repair facility or repair bay with concrete (or similar) floor with no more that 6% inclination.
ТMDG self-propelled hydraulic handler
MSC-6 module with small LMC-2 grip installed on an MDG-240C handler in order to perform dumping gear actuator, suspensions and strut mounting/demounting.
Technical Data
Chassis options
Enhanced loading capacity
Handler's worktable bearing load varies from 10 to 20 tons depending on the model. High loading capacity allows to significantly broaden the range of heavy vehicles that can be serviced with
MDG handler and enables installation of additional equipment.
Chassis propulsion, worktable positioning and additional equipment operation is controlled from operator's seat via control panel. For better visibility and safety the handler can be delivered with a radio remote controller.
High-performance actuating devices
Handler actuating devices have hydraulic drive from two hydraulic pumps driven by internal combustion engine or electric motor. The handler is driven by three high-torque hydraulic motors connected in parallel. Front axles' turning is performed by hydraulic actuators. Rear axle turning is performed by slewing drive. Turning angle is regulated by flow control valve.
By means of three swivel wheels the handler is able to turn and U-turn with minimal turning radius.
Worktable positioning system consists of three vertically mounted hydraulic actuators responsible for lift/descend and transverse/longitudinal tilt, and also one horizontally mounted actuator responsible for horizontal rotation of the table.
Handler's worktable has special bores needed for the installation of specially designed tools (including hydraulic equipment) and devices, necessary for specific operations (mounting, demounting and transporting) with parts and assemblies of serviced machinery.
Cummins and HATZ internal combustion engines
When placing an order for the handling equipment, the Customer is able to choose the engine to be installed on the handler. We offer the following options:
Cummins – reliable, powerful, efficient and time-proved water-cooled engine.
HATZ – more environmentally friendly air-cooled unit, designed for intensive long-term operation.