MSC-6 replaceable module is used for dumping gear actuator,
suspension and strut mounting/demounting.
The module has been designed as additional equipment for MDG multi-purpose hydraulic handler in order to expand the handler's performance capabilities. The module is installed on the worktable within 15 minutes. The module provides mechanical aid in dumping gear actuator, suspension and strut mounting/demounting with maximum compliance with F3-116 safety requirements. The module utilizes hydraulic drive powered by the MDG handler's hydraulic system.
Delivery set includes two detachable grabs which allow to service mine dump-trucks with 30-450 tons loading capacity.
Maximum operating load with the boom fully extended to 3 550 mm is 1 500 kg.
replaceable module
MSC-6 module installed on an MDG-240C handler in order to perform dumping gear actuator, suspensions and strut mounting/demounting.
Serviced vehicles are mine dump-trucks with 90-240 tons loading capacity.
Technical Data