Our range of servicing equipment for large-sized vehicles includes: tire fitting equipment, OTR tire handling equipment, specialized devices designed for servicing of hydraulic actuators in dumping gears and suspensions, hubs, drives, power-wheel reduction gears etc; special equipment for assembly/disassembly of engines, gearboxes, dumping gears and suspension actuators, drives and power-wheels reduction gears; jacking equipment; presses for bushings and pins and much more.
Tools for dump trucks
Jacking equipment

Stands and jacks with maximum load up to 200t
Rear axle and main gear maintenance tools
Rotating stands and tools for main gear and rear axle
Engine repair equipment

Rotating engine stands
Equipment for dumping gear cylinders, suspensions and struts
Tools for mounting, demounting and mintenance of hydraulic cylinders
Support equipment

Wide range of special tools, hydraulic presses and stands