Portable hydraulic press is designed for mechanization
of removing and installing of track chain pins and bushings.
The tool can be used either in repair facility or on-the-site, including low-temperature environments.
Timely service and effective repair using VPTC press will considerably extend crawler's undercarriage service life.
The press can be used for assembling/disassembling of pressure couplings and also for straightening and bending.
VPTC portable press for pins and bushings in track chains
Technical Data
Model range
Reducing repair and idle time
Track chain disassembly for subsequent undercarriage repair takes VPTC press 20 minutes in field conditions. Full chain link replacement takes 45-60 minutes.
Reducing repair costs
VPTC press allows to significantly facilitate pressing and pressing-out operations without damage to components and without using gascutting equipment which eliminates the need to purchase expensive spare parts.