Mining industry is a vital branch of the primary sector of country's economy, which stretches abilities of the mankind to the very limit. Gigantic machines, severe weather and operating conditions, serious safety issues and downtime worth millions. Atlant excavator jack-up system has been designed to solve these problems.
Atlant jack-up system consists of independent jacking units with built-in hydraulic cylinders with 150, 300 or 500 ton capacity and a unique system of self-engaging jaws for ultimate safety of lifting operations.
Atlant jack-up system for synchronous lifting and display of mine excavators
Performance of the stand allows to jack up excavator platform within several hours.
Safety is achieved through remote control and unique design of self-locking jaws.
Efficiency of the system allows to reduce repair and idling time.
Versatility of the equipment allows it to be easily transported to the worksite.
Technical Data
Atlant synchronous jacking system considerably improves safety as well as repair and service time of mining machinery and allows significant savings by reducing downtime.
Depending on the task, jacking units can work independently or in a single system.
System is controlled via remote control panel which is located nearby in order to provide full monitoring of the jacking units operation.
A-600 model utilizes a relatively small control panel compared to
A1200-2000 systems which made a full-scale room with control panel and powerful hydraulic pumping unit.
For servicing ultra-large mining excavators with operating weight of up to 2000 tons, jacking systems with 1200 or 2000 tons capacity are used. Such system includes four jacking units and remote controller. A-600 system is designed for jacking up hydraulic or
electric mining excavators with operating weight of up to 600 tons.
Preparatory work prior to dismounting an excavator platform on average takes from 2 to 3 hours, platform jacking typically takes 30-60 minutes depending on required jack height.
Full package
Base set includes four jacking units and a remote controller connected to a hydraulic pumping unit. Depending on work specifics, the system can be equipped with supporting plate, which is necessary for jacking the excavator by boom cylinders mounts.