Hydraulic cylinders service and repair stand is a piece of professional equipment in modular make, allowing safe and
efficient service of hydraulic cylinders with up to 12 000 mm length and outer diameter up to 762 mm.
Wide range of serviced units includes mining and construction machinery as well as processing equipment. Equipment is designed to operate in repair facilities located in or near mine areas.
The stand is meant for following operations: screwing/unscrewing of piston and head nuts, separating the rod and the tube, installing the rod into the tube.

HCSR-8 hydraulic cylinder service and repair stand
Technical Data
HCSR-8 hydraulic cylinder service and repair stand is equipped with a powerful double-action nutrunner with 100 000 Nm of torque for working with head, rod mounts and other parts of the cylinder.
HCRS-8 stands are delivered with 2 hydraulic nutrunners for working with large hydraulic cylinders in mining and construction vehicles: one is intended for working with cylinder head threaded connections, the other is meant for working with rod nut.
Hydraulic cylinder rotation during its assembly/disassembly is performed by a hydraulic motor with 5440 Nm of torque.
Rod and tube separation in horizontal plane is executed by hydraulic carriage with one-time stroke of 1000 mm.
The stand utilizes modular structure which facilitates and reduces the cost of transporting and installing the equipment in a workshop. Moreover its modular structure allows to level the stand on any surface.
Stands design suggests anchor fixating (without concrete casting in workshop's floor).
Modular structure of the stand allows it to be used with hydraulic cylinders of specific length which are in service in the enterprise. If the need arises, stand can be additionally equipped with extra section to enhance its capacity. Replaceable adaptors allow to service
cylinders of different configurations and manufacturers.
During repair all parts of the cylinder are securely fixated in order to prevent injury to service personnel and damage to expensive cylinder parts. High level of safety is achieved through the presence of guard shields and remote controller.
Hydraulic cylinder repair stand allows to perform a prompt repair of faulty cylinders (O-rings replacement, rod and tube replacement etc.). This helps to significantly reduce repair time, eliminates the necessity to transport faulty cylinders to third-party repair facilities, reduces downtime and repair costs.
The handler is able to perform following actions: cylinder grab, 360 degree rotation, 90 degree tilt, sideshift. All these functions allow delicate mounting/demounting of hydraulic cylinders and minimize the risk of damaging expensive parts of the cylinder.
The stand is delivered with electro hydraulic pumping unit and a basic set of tools and adapters. In order to equip the stand with all necessary tools and adapters, upon ordering one must provide specifications of the cylinders in service including model and make.
High quality
In the manufacture of the stands only highquality components and materials are used: special steel from leading European steel makers such as Ruukki (Finland) and SSAB (Sweden); hydraulic cylinders and pumping unit are assembled in Hydrosnab TD NMZ using components from leading German and Italian companies; hydraulic circuits components (high-pressure hoses, connectors, distribution valve) are made by Eaton (USA).
Special features
On the individual order our company is ready to design and produce stands with required functionality and tool package.