CH-series cylinder handler is an attachment, normally installed on a telescopic loader and meant for safe and effective mounting/demounting and transporting of hydraulic cylinders.
The handler is a quick-replaceable attachment which is mounted on the loader's boom standard drillings for a fork or a bucket.
The handler's hydraulic system connects to the loader's hydraulics via high-pressure hoses with quick-release connectors to vacant hydraulic valves.
CH-series shovel cylinder handler
Technical Data
Main aim of CH-series attachment is to ensure maximum operator's safety when performing mounting/demounting of mine dump-truck hydraulic cylinders. Ultimate level of safety is established through accurate positioning of the cylinder, pressure control and
weight distribution monitoring. Wireless remote controller enables the operator to fully control cylinder positioning and perform accurate handling when executing mounting or demounting of the cylinder. Additional safety measures to eliminate external influence include supplementary safety hinges.
Manipulator's design combines outstanding performance, reliability and safety. It can sustain the most severe operating conditions, retaining perfect functionality. Average time taking to mount or demount a cylinder in mine dump-truck is 4-6 hours.
Using of this handler allows to dramatically increase safety and improve repair time, as well as to significantly reduce repair costs and downtime.
The handler is able to perform following actions: cylinder grab, 360 degree rotation, 90 degree tilt, sideshift. All these functions allow delicate mounting/demounting of hydraulic cylinders and minimize the risk of damaging expensive parts of the cylinder.
High quality
In the manufacture of the handlers only high-quality components and materials are used: special steel from leading European steel makers such as SSAB (Sweden) and Ruukki (Finland); hydraulic actuators Hydrafort (Hydrosnab); hydraulic circuits components (high-pressure hoses, connectors, distribution valve) made by Eaton (USA).