GalvanoLine designs and produces wet gas purification units (scrubbers).
The purpose of scrubbers is to purify the gases produced during the production process. The principle of the scrubbers is the absorption of vapors and drops of electrolyte from the air by water or aqueous solutions.
GalvanoLine produces numerous types of scrubbers:
  • Vertical scrubbers
  • Horizontal scrubbers
  • Multi-step scrubbers
  • Automatic and semi-automatic regeneration scrubbers
Scrubber example
Here is an example of a scrubber/gas cleaning filter for industrial gas cleaning of NO2 impurities. Absorption principle is the basis of the filter operation.
Water is used as absorbent in this filter. While circulating water dissolves impurities forming nitric acid, at the same time its absorption capacity reduces and is has to be replaced with fresh water.