GalvanoLine focuses on the design and supply of turnkey galvanizing lines based on the Customer's requirements
GalvanoLine can produce electroplating baths for any required technological process.
Electroplating baths can be produced from polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, stainless steel and other materials. Materials for baths production are chosen in accordance with the Customers' technical specifications.
Despite of the wide variety of the produced baths, all of them come upon same reqirements: leakproofness, chemical resistance, ability to reach and sustain required temperature mode, safety of service and usability.
Electroplating baths
GalvanoLine electroplating baths are known for high quality of materials, durability and simplicity of operation!
The following types of baths available:
Polymer baths
Steel baths
Electrolysis baths
Electropolishing baths
Polymer electroplating baths
GalvanoLine designs and manufactures electroplating baths from polymer materials featuring chemical stability to various chemical processes solutions.
Polymer materials (polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene,
fluoropolymer) are the most advanced materials for electroplating baths manufacture. These materials feature high chemical resistance, wear resistance, temperature resistance, high impact resistance and satisfactory mechanical strength. Materials produced by SIMONA and other leading global manufacturers
are used in production.
GalvanoLine produces:
  • Polypropylene electroplating baths
  • Polyvinylchloride electroplating baths
  • Polyethylene electroplating baths
  • Polypropylene electroplating baths with PVC liner
  • Polypropylene electroplating baths with PVDF line
Dimensions of the baths produced:
Length, mm - from 100 to 10000
Width, mm - from 100 to 10000
Depth, mm - from 100 to 4000
Steel electroplating baths
GalvanoLine designs and manufactures electroplating baths from stainless steel.

Steel baths are used in high-temperature galvanic processes (≥110°С).
Steel grade for bath manufacture is selected based on the technology applied for galvanic process. Steel electroplating baths, same as baths made of thermoplastic materials, can be fitted with accessory equipment as per the Customer's requirements.
Electorlysis baths
GalvanoLine designs and manufactures electrolysis galvanic baths.

Electrolysis baths is one of the key elements in precious and non-ferrous metals' production process. They are used for electochemical and chemical treatment of non-ferrous metals and applied for:
  • Electrolysis of copper, zinc, lead, etc.
  • Electorchemical treatment of metals in galvanic lines
  • Purification of non-ferrous metals
  • In other processes where baths with high resistance to acids, solvents and alkalis are required
Electropolishing baths
GalvanoLine designs and manufactures electropolishing baths.

Electropolishing baths allow the electrochemical polishing process - a method of obtaining a smooth surface by anodic treatment of parts in specialized electrolytes.
The use of electrochemical polishing makes it possible to smooth the surface of metals by dissolving roughnesses during processing.
Electroplating bath lining
GalvanoLine performs lining of electroplating baths with materials resistant to mordant substances.

Electroplating bath lining provides protection of the body walls from distructive effects of solutions and corrosion occurrence as well as unnecessary contamination of electrolyte (solution) during galvanics operation process.
Lining of electroplating baths made of carbon steel and anticorrosion steel (stainless steel baths) both provides for protection of newly made baths and bring back to operation/
recover old used electroplating baths.
Drum and bell baths
GalvanoLine designs and manufactures electropolishing baths.

Drum and bell type electroplating baths are used for galvanizing small parts (bolts, nuts, bushings, etc.). Parts are loaded in bulk, continuous stirring (rotation) of parts provides for even distribution of the coating.
GalvanoLine electroplating baths gallery