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Rastak Mining Machine Co. is an exculsive dealer in Iran of FORTEX - WATER TECHNOLOGIES JLTD Belarusian company which produces GalvanoLine electroplating equipment.
Thanks to this valuable partnership, we are able to provide our customers involved in electroplating business with full range of services required for operation of a modern and technological company, such as:
GalvanoLine products
Electroplating lines
Electroplating baths
Automatic operators
Supplementary equipment
Electoplating lines
Galvanic lines by GalvanoLine are designed to produce single-layer and multi-layer galvanic coatings from copper, nickel, zinc, tin-bismuth, tin-lead, gold, silver and other metals with specified functional properties.

  • Automatic galvanic lines
  • Semi-automatic galvanic lines
  • Manual galvanic lines
  • Reconstruction of galvanic line
We supply electroplating lines for all types of coatings!
Electorplating baths
GalvanoLine produces electroplating baths for any technological processes and modifications based on customer's technical requirements.

  • Plastic electoplating baths
  • Metal electroplating baths
  • Electrolysis baths
  • Electropolishing baths
  • Drum and bell baths
  • Electroplating drums
  • Bath lining
  • Reconstruction of electroplating baths
      Automatic operators
      GalvanoLine produces automatic, semi-automatic and manulally operated transportation equipment for electroplating lines:

      • Gantry autooperators
      • Console autooperators
      • Overhead autooperators
      • Supportive autooperators
        Scrubbers and drop-catchers
        GalvanoLine produces numerous types of scrubbers and drop-catchers:

        • Vertical scrubbers
        • Horizontal scrubbers
        • Multi-step scrubbers
        • Automatic and semi-automatic regeneration scrubbers
        • Gravity-type drop-catchers
        • Inertial-type drop-catchers
        Supplementary equipment
        We are able to supply equipment and spare parts for electroplating lines produced by the world-leading suppliers:

        • Mazurczak heaters and sensors
        • Flexcraft by KraftPowercon rectifiers
        • Grundfos pumps
        • Siebec filtration equipment and chemically resistant pumps
        • Auerswald self-locking supports
        • Other components and consumables
        Components of GalvanoLine equipment
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        About GalvanoLine
        GalvanoLine is a subsidiary of a Belarussian FORTEX - WATER TECHNOLOGIES JLTD company specializing in galvanizing and water-treatment equipment.
        19 years in business
        The company is working in galvanizing industry since 1999.
        15000 sq meters
        of production lines. 10 production departments equipped with the modern production tools.
        300 specialists
        Over 300 hundred experienced workers with technical education.
        200 products
        Over 200 products for galvanizing industry designed by the company.
        300 projects
        Over 300 projects in galvanization field.
        Quality management system
        Quality management system complies to the requirements of ISO 9001-2011.
        units of galvanizing equipment
        electroplating baths
        electroplating lines
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