Diesel Engine Spare Parts
For Reliable Performance, Insist on Genuine Parts.
The difference between a Genuine part and a non-genuine part isn't always easy to see. It can be as small as a ring gap that's a couple millimeters too wide on a non-genuine part. In a diesel engine, that small difference can result in less power, insufficient lubrication, poor fuel economy premature wear and catastrophic engine failure.
Genuine Parts vs. Non-Genuine Parts
There is a Difference
There is a Difference
While you may save a little money upfront by purchasing non-genuine parts, it could cost you a lot more in the long run. To prove this, diesel engine engineers performed thorough analytical testing pitting Genuine parts against their non-genuine counterparts.

Testing included visual inspection, critical measurements, materials analysis and parts chemistry analysis. The following results demonstrate why Genuine parts are always better for your diesel engine than non-genuine parts.
The Genuine Parts advanatages
Not All Parts are Created Equally
Often, what you can't see makes all the difference. Engine components must be accurate to specifications that can't be discerned by the human eye. Precision design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and rigorous testing ensures that Genuine parts perform at factory-specified levels of efficiency, reliability and durability.
Better Parts, Better Availability
The quality of Genuine parts only matters if they are close at hand when you need them most. That's why Rastak Mining Machine Co. stocks thousands of commonly used parts in local inventory. And, if they don't have it, they can get it quickly through our global logistics network. Anywhere you are, we can have the Genuine parts you need expedited to you, minimizing downtime and loss in productivity.
A Better Warranty that Travels Well
Genuine parts come with a full factory warranty, ensuring peace of mind and financial protection. Every part is backed 100% for parts, labor, progressive damage and consumables, with no deductible.