Cummins engine workshop
Rastak Mining Machine Co. has years of experience in diagnosing and repairing your diesel engines. We are now buliding a full service Cummins engine repair shop which will perform any repairs and overhauls for your engines.
We have engine software and tooling to diagnose and repair
most any Cummins diesel engine on the road today.
Soon we will be able to re-manufacture, rebuild and recondition any Cummins engine
We won't just sell re-manufactured engines and parts. Rastak Mning Machine Co will carry out all the required precision reconditioning and engine re-manufacturing, re-building and repairs to all applications of Cummins engines at our modern workshop near Tehran. All machining will be carried out in-house including crank shaft grinding, con-rod resizing, engine balancing, cylinder heads, line boring blocks, pin boring and much much more.

We take delivery of all Cummins engine and remanufacture them back to new, re-manufactured to manufacturer's specifications. We receive, reman and ship back to anywhere in Iran.
Our highly skilled Caterpillar engine machine operators work hard to ensure your parts or rebuilt engines are even better than when they were new. Our innovative computer programmed precision equipment ensures 100% accurate engine reconditioning, bringing your engines back to as good as new, in fact, even better.
See how it grows!
Follow the construction of our workshop not to miss anything.
The gallery will be updated weekly.