Water sprinkling vehicle designed for execution of watering and sprinkling operations on mining roads under various climatic operating conditions.
Water tank volume - 119 m³.

BELAZ 76135

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BELAZ 76135
Water sprinkling vehicle designed for execution of watering and sprinkling operations on mining roads under various climatic operating conditions.
Water tank volume - 119 m³.
Technical Data
Four-cycle turbocharged and intercooled direct diesel engine with V-type cylinders arrangement.
Rated power@ 1900 rpm, kW (hp) - 895 (1200)
Maximum torque@ 1500 rpm, N.m - 4726
Number of cylinders - 12
Cylinders displacement, l - 37.8
Cylinder diameter, mm - 159
Piston stroke, mm - 159
Specific fuel consumption, g/kW hr - 207
Air cleaning is performed bу three-stage filter with dry-type elements. Pressurized circulation lubrication system designed with "wet" sump. Single-loop fluid cooling system with forced circulation.
Fluid preheating system. Pneumatic starter starting system.
Electric equipment system voltage, V - 24
Electric drive
AC-DC drive with traction alternator, two traction motors, motorized wheels double-reduction units with spur gears, adjustment units, microprocessor-based control system and control devices.
Transmission ratio - 30,36
Maximum travel speed, km/h - 48
Transmission type - AC-DC
Traction alternator - GSN-500
Traction motor - EK-590
Suspension is conventional for front and driving axles and equipped with trailing arms, central joints and transverse rods.
Cylinders are pneumohydraulic (nitrogen and oil) with inbuilt hydraulic shock absorber. Two cylinders are оп the front axle and two cylinders are оп the rear axle.
Cylinder piston stroke, mm:
- front - 320
- rear - 290
Hydrostatic steering with steerable front wheels.
Steering angle, degree - 42
Turning radius, m - 13
Overall turning diameter, m - 28
The steering meets ISO 5010 requirements.
Water sprinkling vehicle brake system meets ISO 3450 international safety requirements and is equipped with service, parking, auxiliary and emergency brake systems.
Service brake system consists of front wheels disk brakes with two brake gears per disk and rear wheels disk brakes with two brake gears per disk and automatic gap adjustment. The disks are mounted оп traction motor shafts.
Parking brake system is permanently closed with one rear wheels brake gear per disk, spring actuator and hydraulic control.
Auxiliary brake system is electrodynamic braking by traction motors with forced air cooling of brake resistors.
Emergency brake system uses parking brake and operable circuit of wheel brakes.
Brake resistors - UVTR 2x600
Power, kW - 1200
Hydraulic drive
Hydraulic system is combined for steering and brakes actuator. The system is equipped with variable-displacement axial-piston oil pump.
Maximum pressure in hydraulic system, MPa - 18
Maximum pump delivery@ 1900 rpm, dmЗ/min - 474
Filtering degree, mcm - 10
Foam generator set
Foam generator set consists of foam former, air-foam gun with remote drive, foam mixer, stop and control valves and connections.
Foam ratio (in foam generator opeartion mode), not less - 6
Gun turning angle:
- in vertical plane, dg - from -15 to +45
- in horizontal plane, dg - +-35
- Jet range, m - 40
Foam former tank capacity, l - 7000
Water sprinkling system
Single-stage centrifugal pump - K100-65-250
Drive power, kW - 32
Rotational speed, min-1 - 2900
Maximum pump delivery, m3/min - 1,7
Pump thrust, mm of water column - 80
Pump drive is hydrostatic.
Side spraying system
Two fan-shaped sprayers with actuation valves controlled from the cab.
Rear spraying system
Four fan-shaped sprayers with actuation valves controlled from the cab.
Width of water sprinkling zone, m - 24,5
Hydraulic gun
Gun mounted at the tank front top with actuation valve controlled from the cab and mechanism of slewing in vertical and horizontal planes.
Angle of gun slewing, dg:
upward - 50
downward - 10
in horizontal plane, radius - 35
Water jet range, m - 60
Drum with fire-hose barrel
Drums mounted at the tank rear end with rubberized hoses and fire-hose barrels.
Number of drums - 1
Hose length, m - 10
Frame is welded of high-strength low-alloy steel with application of cast elements at the maximum loading points and equipped with box-section variable-height side-members interconnected bу cross-members.
Pneumatic tubeless tires with quarry tread pattern.
Designation - 33.00R51 or 33.00-51
Inflation pressure, MPа - 0,62
Rim designation - 24.00-51/5.0
Two-man two-door cab is equipped with air-sprung adjustable driver seat, additional passenger seat and adjustable steering column. The cab meets EN 474-1 and EN 474-6 requirements that specify permissible levels of in-cab noise, vibration, content of hazardous substances and dust. Driver's workplace meets ROPS and FOPS safety requirements.
In-cab noise level is not more than 80 dB(A).
Local vibration level is not more than 126 dB(A).
Overall vibration level is not more than 115 dB(A).
Overall dimensions
Maximum tank capacity, l - 119 000
Unladen weight, kg - 110 100
Gross weight, kg - 229 100
Vehicle weight distribution оn axles, %:
Front (uloaded/loaded): 50,9 / 33
Rear (uloaded/loaded): 49,1 / 67
Capacities, l
Fuel tank: 1900
Engine cooling system: 380
Engine lubrication system: 156
Hydraulic system: 490
Motor-in-wheel reduction gears: 92 (46x2)
Suspension cylinders:
Front: 33,8 (16,9x2)
Rear: 57,4 (28,7x2)
Special equipment
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Heating аnd conditioning unit
  • Tire-pressure monitoring telemetry system
  • Centralized automatic lubrication system

  • Starting preheater
  • Air purification system
  • Auxiliary heater of cab